NEWS RELEASE - April 28, 2014

After nearly four years on the market with two different Realtors, Janeen Keary turned to Sequoia Realty for help in selling a property at 854 E 185th Street and found quick success.

A mindset is a way of thinking about something, not just a one-time action item that goes away once it is completed. For the best results, incorporate the suggestions below into your everyday thinking. Make the items in bold your habits of privacy, not a “to-do” that you perform and promptly forget.

It doesn’t happen often, but while I was writing my book Let Go of Whatever Makes You Stop, I was awakened in the middle of the night with this thought, “Don’t live within your means.”

MENTOR, OH – August 2008 Sequoia Realty Corporation helped an up and coming IT firm find a larger location that can accommodate their growing business.

MENTOR, OH – August -When some think of commercial real estate it’s often the multi-million dollar skyscraper in a big city vision that comes to mind. Lake county agency, Sequoia Realty Corp. feels everyone’s entitled to the same “royal treatment.”

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